Saturday, January 23, 2016

Novel Publication:  Luce Women

I am grateful that Forty Press recently published my novel, Luce Women.  I hope you will read the  novel and that you will enjoy it.  

I plan to return soon to creative non-fiction and Ellen's story.

Happy 2016


In Luce, Minnesota, truth lies somewhere between where people judge it to be and where it actually is. After wealthy recluse Lyle Staybler dies under mysterious circumstances, Trudy Pluth is a person of interest. Townspeople mount judgments against Trudy. Enemies lurk in the shadows. Menacing figures appear from out of the dark.

Her few remaining friends work with her on renovation of an old house and offer support. They form a diverse group:  Trudy with a view of life and people as projects in need of repair; Martha with a Minnesota-nice persona to mask her sadness and fears; Iris with mixed emotions as a person of color transplanted from the East; and Greta with a scandalous life that offers fodder for small-town gossips.

Floppy-ear ... still coming to visit 


  1. That's great news about your novel! I'm also very glad that you will revisit creative nonfiction.

    I have a chipping sparrow back in the garden this year, and a chickadee occasionally perching in the plum tree-- at least while I remain.

    But this year is one of relentless change and of letting go. I think it will all sink in when I am not so busy.

  2. When will your novel be available on Amazon, etc.?